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The newest Canterbury J in the club


A Canterbury J  in the PMYC Fleet, and she is a beauty.

See boat specifications below.

An official AMYA Class boat.

Class Secretary - Skip Hall


76 Hulls sold to date (07/01/2014) 

A hand laid deck.

Some deck details

Deck before fittings are installed.

Copper bottom paint

J-571 in the newly designed cradle

The CANTERBURY J fully rigged.

For details on the Canterbury J   please contact

Hans Berger at 860-747-1254


Use the link below to see the build of Hull # 529

Four fine looking boats Canterbury Js sailing near Fresno CA.  One belonging to Richard  Harvey

J - 535   John Hanks   Lake Havasu City, AZ

J - 5 36   Bob  Eger    Roseville,  CA

 No Number  Unknown

Canterbury  J  Class


Length overall       48 inches

Beam                    8.5 inches

Displacement       14 lbs.

Draft                     8 inches

Sail Area              900 sq. in.

Mast height          62 inches

Total height         72 inches

Canterbury J   price  schedule

Fiberglass hull ... only            $130.00  (AMYA Registered Hull)

Lead keel & trim weight         $35.00

Cast rudder                             $15.00

TOTAL                                   $180.00

Above with rudder installed    $235.00

Deck beams & King plank       $40.00

Install beams                           $80.00

Total w/ beams installed          $355.00

*Please note price has been updated for 2013 and is subject to change.

*Please email Hans Berger  at for Price To Date.

Canterbury J's in a row.

Jeff Davenport (left) and Canterbury J builder (USA) Hans Berger.